Veterans For Peace                                                                         Behind The Swoosh Free DVD (POWERFUL!) & Educating for Justice

Democracy Now                                                                              AFSC and Code Pink and Answer Coalition and NLG                                                                

Indy Kids (News for Kids)                                                               The ACLU and Amnesty Internationall and One Human Family                                                   

Zapatista Coffee and Ethical Electric                                   No We Can't 2 Minute Video (INCREDIBLE!) 

The Green Party and Revolutionary Fitness  Courage to Resist and World Can't Wait and The Wooden Shoe

Worker's World and Pastors For Peace  The Story of Stuff Project (The Story of Stuff 15 min. movie is tremendous!)

Donnelly/Colt Educational Resources  Tha Truth on Facebook

Anna in the Middle East & End The Occupation      Truth's 3 Minute Video on "The State of Hip Hop Today"