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The big news is that this world can be a lot better and we can do things to help! You can join with groups working for a better world HERE. In addition to taking action we can always learn more about what's really going on. Below are some ways to learn more:

* Get the real news with Democracy Now and other independent media like Cost of War, The Indypendent, Indy Kids, Worker's World, and Truthout

* Your Eletric Bill, Phone, and Credit Card Card could be doing good if you are with Ethical ElectricCREDO and/or Working Assets

* To learn the truth about the past, which created our present, read "A People's History" by Howard Zinn. (It's long but worth it!) or "Lies My Teacher Told Me"

* For TRUTH in movies see: Battle in Seattle, The Ground Truth, Behind The Swoosh,They Live, Thunderheart, The Story of Stuff, Sicko, The Meatrix, After Innocence, Who Killed The Electric Car, Steal This Movie, An Unreasonable Man (Ralph Nader), Bullworth, American Drug War, McLibel, and Food Inc.

* Learn more and take action with groups listed HERE. There are many other great groups out there as well that aren't listed on this site. One way to figure out if a group is worth joining or supporting is by asking - do they really care about people and the planet or do they care more about money? 

* TRUTH MUSIC NEWS: You can find not only the lyrics for all albums but all kinds of other information (like production notes and album credits) in the lyrics section for each album HERE. Also, all of Tha Truth's music can be found on Amazon.Com, Itunes, and an independent music store known as CD Baby.

As you can see... ITS MORE THAN JUST MUSIC!